Palace of the Grand Master

The Palace of the Grand Master is an imposing structure with some beautiful mosaic tile floors. I don't know why I didn't come here the last time I was on Rhodes.

The palace entrance is awe inspiring. 

From the modern chairs in the courtyard it looks like they hold performances there. 

The ground floor had a museum. The impressive entrance stairs provide a taste of what’s to follow. 

Some of the floor mosaics are huge and the statues are varied.

I don’t know the significance of the this relief on the wall but it looks cool. 

There is a variety of mosaics and they’re incredibly detailed. 

The ceilings are too. 

The seating was beautiful, if not exactly comfortable looking. 

Trunks were the other type of furniture in the first series of grand rooms. 

Graceful arches in the larger rooms. 

Some of the details in the smaller, perhaps more modern rooms. 

We saw several examples of onyx windows. 

As you move into the smaller rooms you see more modern tile and painted details on the walls, along with more furniture.

You’ll need to zoom in to see the detail on the painted trim around the door. 

This table is giving me inspiration for redoing our kitchen table.

Most rooms have seats or shelves (we’re not sure which) built into the window nooks. And we think that room bottom right was the dentist’s waiting room or something. 

This was one of the more impressive chandeliers. And we can’t imagine the effort that went into that not-square ceiling. 

One room held a display of uniforms. 

Exiting the side of the palace you can see good examples of scuppers, cannon, and one way to hold ancient stones together.