Door County Touring

Green Bay shore with chairs

We had already covered a good part of the Door County peninsula on our way to and from our different hikes, so our last day was spent filling in any gaps and sightseeing in the villages along the way.

Fish Boil

fish boil

We had no idea what a fish boil was or that such a thing existed until we started researching Door County. Once we found out what a fish boil was, we had to try one. We picked the Old Post Office since it had good reviews and was close to the state park.

Europe Bay/Hotz Loop Hike

Europe Bay

The Europe Bay/Hotz loop hike is an easy ramble through woods and along the Lake Michigan and Europe lake shoreline. It’s near the northern tip of the Door County peninsula.

Whitefish Dunes Hike

Whitefish Dunes

Whitefish Dunes State Park is on the Lake Michigan side of the Door County peninsula. We were there for hiking but there’s also a dog beach. It’s close to Cave Point County Park where THE views are. 

Door County

Cave Point

Door County is a charming peninsula in Wisconsin that juts out into Lake Michigan. We’re glad we came, though we like our “up north” more rugged. And let’s face it, when you live in Michigan, northern Michigan is more convenient!