North Padre Island

log in waves

North Padre Island is lots of grass and sand and very flat. There’s not much in the way of hiking trails either. It has an understated beauty.

Port Aransas

Farley Boat

Port Aransas was the relaxed little beach town we were expecting. It was unexpectedly walkable and birding opportunities were closer than we thought.

Mission Trail

mission doorway

The Mission Trail is a series of four serene missions south of San Antonio, connected by an extension of the River Walk and by road.

The Alamo

large live oak in courtyard

We wondered if the Alamo would live up to the hype. It did. It’s more than just the historic building itself.

The River Walk

River Walk with bridge

The River Walk is one of those tourist attractions that’s popular for good reason. It’s a unique urban environment to wander.

San Antonio

cat on porch railing

This was not my first visit to San Antonio. I’d been there on business and wanted to come back when I had more free time to explore with Steve.

Zilker Botanical Gardens

shrub with red berries

Zilker Botanical Gardens doesn’t have the scale or scope of other gardens we’ve visited, like Kew Gardens or the botanical gardens in Sydney or Hobart. It’s still an interesting green space to spend a couple of hours in.