St Augustine

fort at St Augustine

St Augustine certainly didn’t make up for not visiting Spain, but it did make for a nice afternoon of wandering around, even though everything was closed.


ospreys in silhouette

We had so much fun watching the local ospreys nesting in the tree next to our hotel in Fort Myers Beach!

Fort Myers Beach

birds on posts

Fort Myers Beach was the first place that came to mind when we thought of a road trip to somepace warm to replace our planned trip to Spain. We were here in 2007 and stayed at The Outrigger Beach Resort. That trip was an experiment to see if we could kind of replicate the all-inclusive experience without actually going to an all-inclusive, and to see what the cost difference was. It worked really well! The Outrigger is right on the beach and has an onsite bar and restaurant. It’s very unfussy, which suits us just fine. 

Sadly, the Outrigger did not survive Hurricane Ian.