Night Safari

The Night Safari is a rare opportunity to see nocturnal animals when they're active. There are walking trails to get up close and personal, a free tram, and a show.

We booked our Night Safari tickets in advance for 7:15PM thinking we would get tired quickly. (We did.) It was easy to get there and back via MRT (metro) and bus. It’s at the very end of the bus line so no worry about where to get off. 

We started with the free tram ride because the line wasn’t very long. (There was NO line when we got back.) Below are photos of some of the animals we saw. We missed the otters entirely; others we saw but didn’t get good photos of. 

After the tram ride we though we’d have just enough time to walk the Tasmanian Devil Trail before the next show started. Here are some of the animals we saw on that trail. 

The Creatures of the Night show happens at set times. We caught the 8:30PM show. It’s free with your ticket but you book a time online separately within 2 hours of the show. And apparently the confirmation email always ends up in the spam folder; the hosts checking tickets knew that and found it on my phone faster than I could! The show was gently entertaining. Below are some of the more interesting creatures we saw. 

Creatures of the Night show

One of the stars was a blond racoon that demonstrated how to open a jar and get a treat. 

After the show we walked a bit of the Fishing Cat Trail. There were more trails but we were getting tired — it was our bedtime — and the darkness made it more difficult to walk and to see the animals. The challenge of viewing nocturnal creatures. 

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