We were supposed to do a walking tour of Naples but our Pompeii tour ran late so we missed it. So we walked through the city on our own.

I remember a line from Let’s Go Europe back in the ’80s something like this: Many people think Naples is a dirty, dangerous city that isn’t worth visiting. Wrong. Naples is a dirty, dangerous city that is worth visiting. I really wanted to do the guided walking tour of Naples but we missed it. The guide book said that the Pompeii and Naples tours were designed so you could do them both in a single day, but not when the Pompeii tour runs late. (They did offer to let us take the tour on a different day, which we couldn’t, and refunded the cost.)

We decided to follow the tour from the Rick Steves book instead. We started at the archeological museum which was closed. Our first stop was a shopping arcade. We saw some nice examples of these in Melbourne. This one in Naples never took off. 

Our next main stop was Piazza Dante. 

At some point we decided we were too tired and thirsty and it was just too gritty and we wanted to leave. So we did. I think we would have enjoyed it more with a tour to add context.