Munising Falls and Sand Point

Munising Falls and Sand Point are near each other. The falls are a quick visit; Sand Point is worth hanging out at for a while.

Munising Falls was just a short walk from the parking area, and worth a stop.

Sand Point was a nice boardwalk hike; more interesting than we expected. We had to rush the first time we went there because we needed to get back for our boat tour. So we came back on our last day when we had more time. We ate sandwiches and got eaten by stable flies on that second trip. They had signs warning about them. There were Europeans on the beach. We could tell they were Europeans by the skimpy bathing suits and because they changed them right on the beach. We did the last part of the Marsh Walk that we had to rush through earlier, and saw a muskrat or some other water animal in the water next to the boardwalk. And giant dragonflies, along with red darning needles we saw on the first trip.

The two photos below were taken on different days, with the same camera at the same spot.