Monterosso al Mare Walk

We weren't sure about attempting the Monterosso to Vernazza hike and ended up opting to walk up to the Capuchin monastery instead. We still had great views.

We started out on the Monterosso to Vernazza trail and hit lots of steps before the ticket booth. (There’s a small entrance fee for the trail and national park.) We ended up skipping it because (a) my knees weren’t up to it and (b) they are strict on shoes and Steve didn’t have walking shoes. Plus we thought it would be crowded and I hike so slowly I would be stressed about holding other people up. We did hike to just short of the ticket booth. 

At one point there’s a bridge where you can look over into the water below. 

Here are some of the steps we encountered. The trail continues on over that hilltop of the right. 

We headed partway down and detoured to a side trail that heads out to a rocky point and a small beach on the other side. We didn’t hike onto the point itself or the beach, but there we nice views from where we stopped. 

We wanted some more walking so we decided to tackle the walk to the Capuchin monastery on the ridge in between the old town (where we stayed and where we started) and the new town. That path was paved and much wider, so no risk of causing traffic jams on the trail. 

One of the highlights is a statue of St Francis and a dog partway up the hill. 

As you continue up you can see the beaches in both the new town (left) and the old town (right). The new town beaches are supposed to be better. 

At the top of the hill is the monastery and an atmospheric old cemetery. 

There are great views of the surrounding countryside and the coast from the top. 

In fact there were so many great vistas it’s hard to choose among them!