Miners Castle, Falls, and Beach

We visited the three over two days but do them all at once if you can and save driving.

Miners Falls is an easy hike of just over a half-mile, as advertised, then 77 steps. Though it didn’t feel like that many; maybe they count up and down? Large pretty falls. Definitely worth the minimal effort. We ran into a guy who knows someone from the small village we live near.

After leaving the falls we drove out to Miners Beach and walked around a bit. A group of several Swedish(?) guys were out there. Lots of kayaks launching. It was interesting where the river flowed into the lake at the end of the beach.

The Miners Castle overlook is in the same area. We didn’t do all three areas on the same day because we didn’t have time on the day of our boat tour. It would save time and driving to do them together.

(And while that water may look tropical, trust us the temperature is NOT!)