Meiji Jingu

This Shinto shrine and the surrounding woods and pathways was a serene break from the city crowds.

We walked to Meiji Jingu from or hotel in Shinjuku. The Shinto shrine is surrounded by woods planted by bringing in trees from all over Japan. It was a pleasant and relaxed walk to the main shrine. 

The main shrine buildings surround a large courtyard. You can’t go inside the shrine itself or take photos. 

The shrine was more monochromatic than the temples we’ve seen on this trip. 

We exited the courtyard on the opposite side to walk to Harajuku. 

Alongside the path was a set of saké barrels on one side and other, wine barrels. 

We also saw our first bamboo fence and crossed an arched bridge. 

A final torii gate — these were so cool — before heading out to busy Harajuku.