Mae Peng River Cruise

The river cruise wasn't exciting but it was a relaxing way to see some of the countryside.

We just missed the boat that was leaving — it was full — so we bought tickets for the next one and enjoyed watching the birds by the river while we waited. Birds on shelves. Chickens in shrubs. Pigeons maneuvering. We don’t remember seeing herons in a tree before and we saw three. 

The trip goes down the river to a farm. 

We didn’t see much farm work but there was an organic garden with traditional plants, some old tools and boats, and an animal skeleton. And creative bathroom fixtures. We had delicious tamarind and ginger juices, plus ice cream. 

Our driver and tour guide was patient and entertaining. We’ve learned that when commentary or announcements are in a language they don’t understand, the audience will just keep talking. Sometimes loudly. 

As we got back into the city on the way back we passed people with umbrellas fishing along the riverbank. It was a relatively long (hot) walk from the old city to the river but still doable. The people running the cruise were impressed we did the walk.