Lecce Churches

Lecce is famous for its churches. We bought the ticket that gives entry to several churches and made the rounds.

Our first stop was San Matteo, which was closest to where we stayed. 

Next was Santa Chiara. 

The Duomo didn’t look like much from the outside but it had the largest, most impressive interior. (And it looks great lit up at night.)

Duomo exterior
Duomo tower

Inside was lots of stained glass and elaborate ceiling details.

Despite all the detail it still felt light and airy inside. 

Santa Croce is what most people come to see. It’s famous for its crazy Baroque exterior. 

Santa Croce

We loved it and had fun with all the details, especially the critters. 

Inside it’s surprisingly restrained without being plain. We liked the grid ceiling detail that we don’t recall seeing elsewhere. 

Santa Croce ceiling
Santa Croce ceiling
Santa Croce ceiling

There are a number of other churches in Lecce. The Chiesa Greca (on the right) is less ornate than others.