Lake Como Ferry

Getting ON the ferry was confusing and irritating. Once we were on board the trip was relaxing and beautiful.

We bought our ferry tickets online and were happy we did because the ticket line was very long. I still don’t know if bought a ticket for a specific boat. I selected a time when buying the ticket but there was nothing in the confirmation or on the ticket to indicate that. We found the line for the boat but had to wait until 3:10pm to get on one. We tried lining up for earlier boats but were told “next one” then “3:10.” It was frustrating, but once on the boat we sat outside with an Aussie, a kiwi, and a Californian. (Who all had the same frustrations about getting on the boat.) They were entertaining and so was the trip.

The lakeshore is dotted with villages and the ferry stops at many of them. It’s not fast but it’s scenic. (There are fast ferries too.)

This is the bridge at Nesso, which people jump off. There’s a waterfall in the gorge beyond the waterfall. We didn’t know any of this when we got on the boat, but when a bunch of people started showing up on deck with cameras, we asked why. And a fellow passenger kindly explained. 

There are still huge swathes of land that look untouched by humans. And we’re pretty sure those are Swiss alps in the background.

This is Villa Balbianello, famous for being the place where Anakin and Padme first kissed in Star Wars and where they got married, and for where James Bond recuperated at the end of Casino Royale. This we DID know about, and in fact is what drew me to Lake Como. (The overall setting, not the specific villa itself.)

Lake Como