Koh Samui

Chaweng Beach was so serene we couldn't drag ourselves away from it. Soft white sand, warm calm water, shade, and a beach bar.

Day 1: Koh Tao to Koh Samui

Checking in for the ferry on Koh Tao was the typical long lines and chaos but it all worked out. Part of the challenge is there were two different ferry companies and multiple lines and not a lot of space. The people running the boats are very patient, though Steve heard someone telling a tourist to just go home. While I was checking us in I bought the 150 baht (per person) transfer to our hotel on Koh Samui. We’d heard about it but nothing on how to buy it. That was well-organized and much cheaper than a taxi. The sea was much calmer than on our trip to Koh Tao.

Our room wasn’t quite ready when we arrived so we sat on the beach to wait. They were very welcoming and even helped us sort out a couple of lounge chairs since most of them were occupied. The resort is made up of individual bungalows arranged along paths in lush garden. Pretty and quiet. The office, bar, and restaurant are all down at the beach. Staff were waiting to transfer our baggage and escort us to the office. 

We ate at the restaurant and went for a walk on the beach. We’ve been in Thailand for two weeks. It doesn’t feel like that long. 

Day 2: Beach Day

They have a delicious breakfast buffet here with eggs and coffee to order, pastries, coconut waffles, fruit, Asian food, salad … everything you could imagine and then some. Easy piano background music. (On Koh Tao it was guitar.)  Most of the other guests here seem to be German and the age trends older than on Koh Tao.

view from restaurant

We had Thai food at the restaurant again for dinner. Jasmine rice is the default here in Thailand. We tried sticky rice tonight but didn’t like it as well. Here are some of beautiful tropical flowers here.  

Day 3: Piña Coladas on the Beach

Another day, another day at the beach. We tried going for a walk on the beach today. (We’re still recovering from food poisoning.) The beach area here is nice and shady. There are two or three muscular women here. The first female six packs I’ve ever seen. 

jet ski thingie

The beach overall is pretty quiet. The odd jet ski goes by and when you’re out in the water you can hear bass booming from some of the bars. But lounging it’s just breeze and waves. 

We took a break from beer and got a couple of piña coladas from the beach bar. They were good not great. 

We actually left the resort today! We went across the street to a pub and had cheeseburgers. The rock music was good and so were the cheeseburgers. 

resort sign

Day 4: Same Same but Different

Another relaxing day at the beach. We’d though about doing a trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park but just can’t tear ourselves away. We experimented with a local liquor, Mehkong, with Coke Zero and decided we like it.

There are three local beach dogs that just kind of hang around all day. See if you can find them in the photos.

They allow pets at the resort and this is one of the guest’s dog that we dubbed Helmet Dog because of its coloring. It was hard to get a good photo of it. 

And there was a local cat with interesting markings that liked sleeping on our porch. And trying to come in the room. We got to play cat soccer a couple of times. 

Day 5: Beach and Banking

We had to leave today to exchange some more cash. This time we went to a bank. We got a good rate but there was more paperwork and they wouldn’t accept one bill because it had a ¼” tear on one side. We were able to exchange that one on the street for a slightly lesser rate. 


We ate Thai food at the hotel restaurant again. Our server asked us if we liked Thai food and when we enthusiastically said “Yes!” she seemed surprised. The restaurant was never very busy. I don’t know if we were just there early or not, but we liked the food. 

beach bar at night
Chaweng Beach is pretty long. It was quiet where we were but looked busier (and noisier) at the northern end.



Our standard room at King’s Garden Resort was spacious and clean. There was even a fan in the bathroom, which had a massive shower. The breakfast buffet was fabulous and the Thai food was great. There’s no pool but it’s right on the beach with lots of shade, loungers, and a nice beach bar. Like being in a little garden neighborhood. Friendly and helpful staff went out of the way to find loungers for those checking in in the afternoon. We left only to have burgers across the street at the pub also owned by the hotel and to exchange cash. No pool but we didn’t miss it swimming at the beach was so nice.


There were a lot of restaurants nearby but we ended up eating at the resort because we liked the food and it was easy.


We bought the 150 baht per person transfer from Lomprayah to get to the hotel, which was much cheaper than taxi rates we saw and very efficient. We didn’t leave the resort much but walked when we did.