Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe was much like expected. Another relaxed island with beautiful beaches. We really liked being able to snorkel from shore in front of our hotel.

Day 1: Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe

speedboats side by side

We took the Satun Pak Bara boat to Koh Lipe because it landed at the pier closest to our hotel. Once again at check in we and our bags were given stickers with our destination. Our boat went straight to Koh Lipe since everyone was headed there. Another boat stopped at other islands enroute. Sometimes you have to climb through another boat to get to yours. 

Island hopping sounds glamorous but in this case it’s just sitting in a speedboat for a long time. There was a toilet on board. 

It was a hot walk from the pier to the hotel on the beach. Pattaya Beach is beautiful. We had great pizza and burger at Elephant and got more Hong Thong and Coke Zero. The door lock on our room broke when we got back. We couldn’t get in. We found maintenance right away and it took 45 minutes but they fixed it. It was hot and humid today with not much breeze.

This jellyfish is pretty but we’re glad we saw it beached and not in the water with us.


We had cute towel swans when we arrived. Then we moved them and now the one is mourning its mate.

towel swans

There’s something very noisy in the trees here. Bats? Rats? We saw bats with a 12-18″ wingspan. 

Day 2

The breakfast buffet here has the best scrambled eggs we’ve had in Thailand. We found shade on the beach and spent the day there. This very friendly local cat had unique markings. 

local cat

A boat leaves Koh Lipe every day headed for Langkawi in Malaysia. These are passengers congregating on the beach waiting for the boat. 

We saw lots of these motorbike taxis here and on Koh Lanta. This is the walking street on Koh Lipe. There isn’t room for a full size vehicle. 

We liked last night’s dinner so much we went back to Elephant and reversed orders. The Staff Favorite Pizza was our favorite too. It had an unusual and delicious collection of toppings including chicken, bacon, corn, and a curry-ish sauce. They have a water dispenser where you fetch and refill your own, which was nice. 

We got Steve a shirt. There’s some nice shopping here but it can be very hot in a shop with no air movement. 

Day 3

Another beautiful day at the beach. Today we got the snorkel gear out and snorkeled from the beach. We saw white sea snakes and a fair number of fish. The water is shallow enough that you can stand up pretty much everywhere, except on the coral of course. 

view from beach

Please use reef safe sunscreen

Or wear a rashguard.
Help save the reefs.

Here’s a look at one of the floating piers here. The boats park either side and all the baggage and passengers are loaded from here. 

Someone got fancy and did a sand elephant and a turtle on the beach. 

Day 4

We snorkeled from shore again today and found Nemo among anemone. If you time it right you can float right over the coral. Lots of clams and sea urchins here too. We’d thought about taking a snorkel trip but now that we’re here were happy snorkeling from the beach. We like the freedom to go in and out at will.

view from beach

We went back to Elephant for dinner and tried different pizzas. This is Pattaya Beach at sunset. 

Day 5: Sunrise Beach

Today we walked over to Sunrise Beach on the opposite side of the island. It’s a nice beach but not as nice. Steeper, more boats. The walking street connects the two. We bought a stuffed blue fish along the way.

We had good Thai curry on the beach and got to see some big swordfish carried in. 

Here’s a look at Pattaya Beach from the boat as we were leaving. 

beach from boat



The Z-Touch Lipe Island Resort had good swimming and snorkeling right out front. There was nice shade at the beach but a shortage of loungers. (If people didn’t stake them out and then not use them it would help!) Great breakfast, best scrambled eggs in Thailand. Rooms and grounds are not pretty but things are clean and functional. Helpful staff.


We loved Elephant and ate there three times. Great food, great service. More expensive than other places we ate but worth it. Papaya Mom had a huge menu and was pretty good. So was Family Song on the beach, with a great view (cash only). 


We took Satun Pak Bara speedboat to and from Koh Lipe. There are other companies that go to the island. Once there we walked everywhere. The island isn’t very big.