Koh Lanta

While the beach at Koh Lanta was not as nice as on other islands the atmosphere was more relaxed. We enjoyed our stay.

Day 1: Krabi Town to Koh Lanta

Our ride to Koh Lanta arrived on time. Our van was packed with people and baggage in the aisles. Plus a couple of deliveries. We stopped at the airport to pick up a family and wondered how they were going to get in. Answer: Through the back door, after a few bags were removed. We were probably 2-3 times the age of anyone else in the van. The car ferry to Koh Lanta kind of meandered. Maybe had to rotate mid-stream?

Once at our resort we walked down to Ao Phra-Ae beach to check it out. Yep, it’s long. Not much shade and the sand is coarser than on Koh Samui, but it should be good for walking. 

We went to the pool bar for beers and met Jimi (Hendrix) the bartender, who was great. We also met some interesting fellow guests. An Irishman, a Singaporean, and the woman who was ones wife and the others ex-wife. They actually like Americans! Anyway, we hung out with them and drank way too many beers. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant. 

Day 2: The Beach

We went for a walk on the beach and went swimming. We also booked a snorkel trip for tomorrow and walked up to the minimart for drinks and snacks. We were ready for something other than beer today so we got piña coladas at the pool bar. And took photos of a tiny but interesting spider and ant. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant again.

pina coladas

Day 3: Koh Rok Snorkel Trip

We did our snorkel trip to Koh Rok and Koh Ha. We saw our first clownfish. We skipped dinner because lunch was enough. 

Koh Lanta shore
This is the coast of Koh Lanta from our snorkel boat.

Day 4: A Long Hot Walk

Or two. We walked the beach up to the headland this morning and went swimming. We thought about doing a “Four Islands” trip that’s popular here but it sounded like it would be crowded and similar to the Koh Phi Phi day trip. So we skipped it. We needed more cash so we walked down the main road to the bank. Long, hot, boring, and dusty. We were glad we took two $100 bills with us because they wouldn’t accept one. Again with the ¼” tear in the bill. I would have been really angry if we’d walked all that way and not achieved our goal!

Back at our room we spotted a green snake in the shrubs outside so Steve went to get some photos. The snake hides well. 

We picked up this tiny starfish on the beach so we could take its picture. Then we put it back. It’s interesting seeing all the different ways motorbikes are used here. This one’s adapted for hauling stuff but one of the common taxis here is a motorcycle sidecar fitted with benches. Quite a few of those offered to give us a ride as we were walking home today. 

Day 5: Snorkeling from the Beach

We did some snorkeling from the beach today. There wasn’t anything to see really, just a sandy bottom, but it was good practice. We also experienced sea lice or jellfish larvae. Kind of a prickling, burning sensation. Unpleasant but not too painful. We went for a walk on the beach and a swim, and sat at the swim up bar for a while. We ran into our friends from our first night and got to say farewell to them and to Jimi. 

Local taxis congregate near our hotel entrance. That’s the restaurant, and a path leading through the resort, which is made up of freestanding bungalows. That’s ours bottom right. 

We got a kick out of the local petrol stations where fuel is sold by the bottle. 

petrol station



Our room at the Lanta Pearl Beach Resort was a spacious bungalow near the beach. They readily handled tours and transport. There was no need to pay as you go so no need to tote cash or cards around. We just settled everything at checkout. Very relaxing. Nice beach for walking and swimming but not a lot of shade.


The hotel had a nice onsite restaurant and we loved the pool bar. Swim up even! We ended up eating there every night.


Our shared van from Krabi Town brought us all the way to the hotel. The boat we booked leaving (through Satun Pak Bara Speedboat Club) included pick up at the hotel. There were other options heading to Koh Lipe but this was the quickest and got us closest to our hotel there.