We were able to visit Knossos as part of an overnight stop. We arrived by ferry in the evening and took an afternoon bus to Chania the following day, visiting Knossos that morning.

Knossos is just outside Heraklion. We took the bus there. I’d been there before. There is controversy surrounding some of the restoration work done in the past and I can’t deny that I love the frescoes even if they’re inaccurate. 

We got lucky with timing to and from Knossos. There were long lines for the throne room and dolphins. Parts of it were closed that were open when I was there before.

The line for the throne room. We waited until it got shorter.

This is the throne room, which features griffins.

I enjoyed the dolphins so much the first time that I have a photo of them hanging on my wall. 

I also have a photo of these giant urns. I’m pretty sure they’re in the same place there were when I was here in the 1990s. I know I wouldn’t want to move them!

It’s interesting to imagine a sight like the Acropolis painted rather than all white.