Hike to Langada

We meant to do the entire Melania loop. Reviews said two hours to do the loop. It took us about that long just to get from Aegiali to Langada and back. (It was very hot that day.)

We decided not to go down to the village to start the hike because we’d just have to climb up the hill again so we took the main road across and picked up the trail.

It was very hot and sunny and the trail was almost all uphill. Thankfully there were a few spots where trees provided shade where we could step and rest. We were both sweating a lot and working very hard. It’s nice having a Fitbit so you can tell how much effort you’re putting in. I know when my heart rate gets much above 130 to stop for at least a couple minutes.

As you hike you get different views of the monastery along the way.

We headed out planning to do the entire loop but by the time we got to Langada we decided that was enough. We already had a workout and didn’t figure the rest of the hike would be much fun so we turned around and headed back.

It was worth going through the village though to see the view on the other side of a nice valley. The village in the distance would have been our next destination had we continued.

We also got to see a donkey working in the village hauling things from the parking lot to probably a store or restaurant. Donkeys are handy in Greek villages where there are lots of stairs but not necessarily lots of roads.

We appreciated the juxtaposition of renovated property and ruins and liked this wall treatment and the door-as-gate. You can see the monastery from the village.

We were reminded again that even on an out and back hike you notice different things going in the other direction. The trail was well-marked.

view of bay from trail
On the return trip you're treated to a glorious view almost the whole way.