Hike to Angali Beach

This was far from an easy hike but it was scenic. It can be challenging to find the trail once you get down near the beaches.

We decided to skip the trail from town over to the road and just hike the road until the trail picked up on the opposite side.

We would have been better off taking the road further. It was a pretty hike and mostly downhill but it was quite steep and rocky in parts and we lost the trail on a couple of occasions which led to some tense moments while we found our way again.

There are plenty of mountain views to go with the water views. Some parts of the trail were stone, others dirt. 

Once we got toward the end over by the coast it looked like there was no possible way to get from where we were to the beach that we could see as our destination but eventually we found the trail. I slipped and fell once. The worst part was that my left hand came down in a thorn bush conveniently right next to the trail. Ouch! No long-term damage though. At one point the trail went past Fira Beach which is a clothing-optional beach. We went through that part as quickly as possible.

There were mixed reviews on how long the hike should take us. We thought it would be 45 minutes from the time we left the road. In the end it took us about 2 and 1/2 hours from when we left town.

Then again we do hike slowly!