High Bluffs Trail on the Au Sable

The High Bluffs hike begins at Iargo Springs. It's pretty level and easy yet offers great views of the Au Sable river through the trees since you hike on top of a bluff. Iargo Springs is gorgeous. 

We were surprised by the number of dams and associated ponds. We hiked from Iargo Springs to the Canoeists Memorial and back, about 3.5 miles round trip.

Then we did the 300 steps down to the springs. That was a highlight of the hike and definitely worth the climb down and back (which was surprisingly not painful). At the bottom were lots of little streams and waterfalls, with boardwalks to keep you out of the muck while exploring. And ducks to watch.

We ate our lunch at the Lumberman’s Monument. Quickly, before branches fell on our heads!