Hampton Court

Hampton Court is an impressive place, with a nice show of paintings from Charles IIs time and great gardens. This was not my first visit. It's a relaxing day trip from London.

I saw lots of things I don’t remember from last time. 

The entrance is dramatic.

Even the working parts of the palace are fancy and on a grand scale.

The photos below are from Henry VIII’s apartments, including stained glass with the man himself.

This fascinating mural flows from the ceiling down onto the wall. 

mural from ceiling to wall

We saw multiple geometric displays of weaponry on our trip. Apparently they served multiple purposes: to decorate, to have weapons at hand, and to intimidate visiting rivals.

More photos of some of the interior details.

The outdoor areas are just as spectacular and include a grape vine over 200 years old. They have to keep the area where the roots are free of other plants that would compete.

Even the chimneys are unique.