Hama Rikyu Gardens

The Hama Rikyu Gardens are an oasis of calm in Tokyo. The contrast between the gardens and the surrounding skyscrapers is startling.

These gardens were the last major sight was saw in Tokyo. 

We weren’t in Tokyo while the cherries were blooming but we did get to see plum blossoms. 

There was a large pond with a traditional tea house in it, where lots of people were enjoying the sunny weather on the deck. 

There are several traditional buildings on the site, and multiple arched bridges. 

There were lots of ducks and we think the other birds are gallinules. 

A second pond leads over by the river. You can catch a boat from there. 

The canola was also blooming. Who knew a cooking oil plant was so pretty? Lots of people were taking photos. 

This is what a 300 year old pine tree looks like. 

Here’s a last look at one of the arched bridges. There’s a small entry fee to the gardens.