Green Island

Green Island is a small island off the coast near Cairns. Multiple companies offer excursions there. You can snorkel from the beach or just sit on it if you want. There are also walks and a place to eat.

We’re following our usual practice of snorkeling from the beach first. It helps us get reacquainted with our equipment away from the hustle and bustle of a boat tour. This is also our first time wearing a stinger suit, which is recommended equipment here due to the jellyfish. While climbing in and out of the suit is not fun, it does save on reef-safe sunscreen, which is even LESS fun.

Please use reef safe sunscreen

Or wear a rashguard.
Help save the reefs.

Below is a view of Cairns from the boat. Our hotel is the second from the right. 

Our Green Island tour included a free glass-bottom boat ride, which was surprisingly fun. We got to see some sharks and giant clams that we didn’t see while snorkeling the shallower water off the beach. We did see our first octopus while snorkeling off the beach. That was special.

On our way back to the boat we got to witness a shark and larger fish going after shoals of smaller fish near the shore.