Grant Grove

Just getting to Grant Grove was an adventure thanks to road closures. It was well worth the effort.

The roads in Kings Canyon (the small part that was open) were clear of snow but there was still plenty on the ground.

Seeing the giant trees next to cars and people gives a better idea of huge these trees are. 

We saw the General Grant tree; that paved path was cleared of snow. Sequoias are not as tall as the redwoods —  which we’ve also seen and are also impressive — but beefier and somehow more cuddly and approachable. They’re kind of odd because the trunk is so massive compared to their branches. I hadn’t realized that they are the tree represented in the National Park Service logo.

The stumps alone are impressive.

We drove beyond Grant Grove to the first overlook and then turned around since the road was closed up ahead anyway. We met our goal of seeing giant sequoias.