Cascade Canyon

Today we did our favorite hike ever, Cascade Canyon in Grand Teton National Park. It's near perfect.

The Cascade Canyon hike is near perfect. You can take a shuttle boat across Jenny Lake to get to the trailhead, which we highly recommend. All the difficult part is at the beginning of the trail. First you come to Hidden Falls.

Hidden Falls

Next comes a stretch that’s steep, rocky, and narrow. It’s the most difficult part.

rough part of trail

Beyond that is Inspiration Point, a wide, flat area with a great view across the lake. 

View from Inspiration Point

After that, it’s mostly level going back into the canyon, so if you make it that far you’re good. There’s varied scenery along the trail, so it doesn’t get boring: open, canyon, woods, and a stream nearby.

There were enough people to feel secure yet not crowded. We hiked back 2:45 and back out in 2:30, with stops to watch moose en route. We also saw  partridge-like birds, a western tanager, and a pika. And heard lots of pika! Here’s one of the shuttle boats. It is a little odd when lots of people get off the boat and start hiking as a crowd but it thins out as people find their pace. 

shuttle boat
A shuttle boat leaving the trailhead on Jenny Lake
Cascade Canyon from across the lake
View of Cascade Canyon from across Jenny Lake