Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is one of the things that drew me to Singapore and was a highlight of our visit. It was worth the price of admission to all the extras.

The Gardens are free to wander and are pleasant to walk. The walks are nice and broad. You need to purchase a ticket for some venues in the park, like the Cloud Forest (top left) and the Flower Dome (bottom right), which are in the same building. You can buy tickets online in advance. We bought tickets for everything; it came to $80 Singapore each. We took the MRT to Gardens by the Bay station. The Bayfront station also works. 

We tried to time our arrival so we could see the sound and light show at the end. We prioritized the venues we had tickets for, starting with the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. We didn’t see a lot of wildlife but did see some birds. 

We then headed for Floral Fantasy since it was the farthest away. It’s tucked in behind a restaurant and tricky to find if approaching from the lake like we did. 

We ended with the Supertree Grove, where the Supertree Observatory is. That’s another venue you need a ticket for. Below are some of the city views from up there. 

At a glance these might look like succulent plants. They’re actually palm trees seen from above. 

The OCBC Skyway, which connects a couple of the supertrees, is also in the grove and requires a ticket. You can see people already grabbing seats for the sound and light show later. 

The views from the skyway are also good, just different. Both the observatory and skyway have elevators. 

Not only did we hit our goal of being there for the sound and light show (after dinner at the nearby Jurassic Nest Food Hall, complete with animatronic dinosaurs) we managed to catch the sun going down behind the skyscrapers.