I didn't realize there were (at least) two Gallipolis. The one in Italy is NOT where the famous battle took place. It IS a nice beach town.

On our last day in Lecce we took the train to Gallipoli. The train trip wasn’t terribly scenic but we did get to see many of the traditional local round buildings. Unlike the trulli — which we didn’t get to see — these don’t have the cute conical roofs. 

round stone building

Someone was having fun with an airplane. The circular fortress is in Gallipoli.

We saw some modern buildings in Gallipoli, including a modern church. 

modern building
modern church

The beach looked pretty nice, the water was clear, and there were lots of places to eat and drink along the water. 

We lost count of the number of weddings we saw in Italy. And people really dress for them. I’ve never seen so much evening wear. 

wedding photos

There are old churches in Gallipoli too, in the old part of town.

Speaking of old, the train we took back to Lecce looked antique. The air conditioning worked surprisingly well.