Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy is about flower arrangements. Elaborate flower arrangements. If I had to miss one thing at Gardens by the Bay, it would be this.

Where the Flower Dome is about growing plants, Floral Fantasy is more about doing things with plants. I like growing plants so Floral Fantasy was less interesting to me, other than garden decor ideas. It is very colorful. There’s a separate ticket for this. 

Some of the floral displays are designed as photo ops, like these butterfly wings and this Green Man? Floral Fantasy is also a little hard to find. It’s tucked in behind a restaurant and there was no sign that we saw on the path. We only saw a sign when we got behind the restaurant. It’s at the edge of the gardens, a few minutes walk from the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome

floral guy

We did have fun trying to find the poison dart frogs in their terrarium. They’re tiny but colorful. We saw these in the wild in Costa Rica.

There was a little boy looking for the frogs at the same time wo we were pointing them out to each other as we found them. 

One of the more creative things we saw were these curtain-like fountains raining into streams. The big draw here is the Flight of the Dragonfly “4D” film. It’s 3D with bumps in the seat, bursts of mist, etc. We laughed out loud. It was silly fun.