Finca Maresia

Part of the entertainment in Drake Bay was just hanging around on the deck at our hotel watching wildlife. 

We saw our first howler monkeys. We’d heard them before, but not seen them this close.  (If you zoom the photos you can see them in the middle. One is dark; one has some reddish fur.) Speaking of hearing things, the rainforest is NOISY. All kinds of racket from birds, monkeys, and insects, especially just as the sun is coming up. Steve woke up early one morning and recorded it on his phone.

Macaws came in close and spent a while in a tree. They’re loud in color and loud when they fly. They spent so much time hanging around in the trees near the deck I got bored watching them and went back to my book!

There’s domestic animal life too. Here are the two hotel dogs. The one howls when visitors arrive. The other, Simba, has amazing spooky blue eyes. There were hotel cats too. 

Here are some photos of the hotel, which is spread out among several buildings. It a lovely setting and you need a flashlight at night to watch out for toe-stubbers and snakes. We liked it here so much we came back two years later