neighborhood building

Trastevere was a more relaxed corner of Rome.

Vatican Museums

Vatican Museum ceiling

The Vatican Museums were a river of humanity pouring through corridors of art, until we all ended up at the pool of the Sistine Chapel.

Villa Borghese

fancy room with statues

We read “If you only have time for one art gallery in Rome, make it this one.” So we did. Plus the Vatican Museums.

Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

standalone columns

The Palatine Hill made a calm break between the crowds at the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The crowds did make it feel more real. Just imagine your fellow tourists are wearing togas.


colosseum against sky

One of the best moments of our trip was entering the arena in the Colosseum, like the gladiators would have.

The Pantheon

columns and ceiling

The Pantheon was about 5 minutes walk from our hotel and we were able to fit it in the first afternoon we arrived.


dome within trees

I enjoyed Rome a lot. I was expecting to find it hectic and confusing. Maybe visiting it last gave us time to get warmed up?