Duomo Museum

The Duomo itself might not be worth the wait to get inside, but the Duomo museum (Opera del Duomo) had no wait and WAS interesting.

The Duomo museum is near the Duomo but not in the same building. We didn’t actually go in the Duomo itself — we heard the inside is not that interesting and the line was always long — but we did enjoy this museum. We bought the Ghiberti Pass, which included the Baptistery (which we did visit) and Santa Reparata (which we did not). Many items that were in the Duomo are now in this museum. It was nice being able to see things up close and well lit.

The highlights were two sets of bronze doors for the Baptistery. 

The scenes are incredibly detailed. 

This second set of doors is also interesting if not quite so over the top. 

Statues include a Michelangelo pieta and a Donatello statue of Mary Magdalene. 

You can get a much closer look at details than you would be able to in the Duomo itself. 

There’s a display about tools used in building the Duomo. 

And also scale models. 

Some of the artifacts were also interesting. We’re pretty sure that’s coral though we’re not sure why.