Driving to Texas

Driving from Michigan to Texas was about as boring as we thought it would be. At least we left snow behind.

Day 1: Home to Pontiac, IL

We left home around 3:20 and arrived about 7:30. Temperatures in the 30s.

There was a traffic backup on the freeway for about 15 minutes just 30 miles from our destination. And we never saw what caused it.

We hit Subway for dinner to avoid hassle. Steve ended up ordering the same sandwich I did. I murmured “copycat” at him. So when they labeled our sandwiches they asked if they should write “copycat” on Steve’s. It’s nice when service interactions go beyond impersonal service. We need to continue to refine our road trip packing skills. We still don’t have enough tote bags. We needed a bag to haul our adult beverages in and we didn’t need the breakfast bag — which is where the shot glass was — so we didn’t have a shot glass. We made do with a disposable glass from the room rather than going back out in the cold.

Day 2: Pontiac, IL to Joplin

Left around 8:30; arrived around 4:00. Temperatures from 30s to 50s.

A dusting of snow when we left Pontiac. We hope to see less of it going forward! Illinois was very flat. Missouri was more interesting than we expected. Hills around St Louis, and what looked like limestone cliffs? Lots of dead birds on the freeway. Steve saw a dead armadillo. I did not see a single armadillo the entire trip! I expected daily sightings. We learned about red wolves. Lots of trucks on the highway. Living in Michigan, we are continually amazed when we leave our peninsula and are surrounded by semis. Many men visit the men’s room without masks. I’m told.


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Quality Inn, Pontiac IL
Hampton Inn, Joplin MO

Both hotels were pretty typical. The Hampton Inn had a strange “closet” with pegs on the wall that would not work if you had much to hang up.


We ate at Subway each night for simplicity and because of COVID-19. 


We drove our own car.