Drake Bay Beach Hike

There’s a pretty trail in Drake Bay that follows the shoreline to Corcovado National Park, past some beaches. 

On our first full day in Drake Bay we took a hike along the shore to Cocolito Beach. We covered part of the same trail our first night on a night tour. The trail starts at the end of the village and winds through a couple of resorts and across a suspension bridge. We did that bridge last night in the dark!

When we got to the beach there really wasn’t a beach. It was high tide and enormous waves roared past the beach and onto the grass.

On our way back we saw several colorful land crabs. 

We arrived back at the village to see a dive boat landing. That’s the village through the trees. 

It was a long, hot hike. It’s really humid down here. We tried something new and took an umbrella along for shade. (Parasol is literally “for sun” in Spanish.) It worked well but it was still a long hot slog uphill from the village to our hotel. We were ecstatic to hear the dogs barking to welcome us home for water and beer!