Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace)

The doge's palace includes the Bridge of Sighs and the prison. We actually had more photos of the prison than the palace!

The palace interior is impressively ornate. We enjoyed the slots in the stone walls where people could anonymously inform of corruption or other bad behavior. 

ballroom ceiling
The ballroom scale is grand and so is its ceiling.

I remembered taking a photo from a palace window when I was here in 1983 (right) so we took one this trip also (left). 

We got an overview of the boat stops nearby and the courtyard between the palace and the basilica next door.

The outside of the Bridge of Sighs is better than the view from inside it. I imagine it still drew sighs from those who were off to the prison.

Bridge of Sighs

These photos are from inside the prison. We saw more of it than we expected and it was more interesting than expected too.