Devil’s Garden Hike

We hiked to the Double O Arch and back on the main trail and did all the side trails. Lots of rock fins. It was a technical hike but not really strenuous. Just loooooooong.

Tunnel Arch is the first arch you encounter on the trail.

Pine Tree Arch is next up. I don’t think this chipmunk was in the pine tree — because that’s a juniper, doh! — but I’d never seen a chipmunk in a tree. I thought it was a bird at first.

Landscape Arch is the next highlight. It’s off the main trail and worth the detour.

This is where the trail gets difficult. You hike over several rock fins. This is one of them. They are kind of narrow. Cairns or metal signs mark the trail where it’s over rock. One spot was dicey to get up and down — a big step for bad knees — but I managed.

Here’s Black Arch, Double O Arch, and some scenery in between. It’s worth going across and along the fins to get here. We turned around at Double O Arch; we didn’t do the primitive part of the trail. 

We stopped at Navajo Arch on the way back. These photos were taken from inside the arch.

Here’s the start of the trail below and some of the great rock colors we saw.