Our day trip to Kuranda turned out different than expected. We thought the focus would be the markets, which turned out to be a disappointment. We did find an enjoyable walk through the surrounding area. Getting there and back was part of the fun.  We took the scenic gondola ride to get there, and the … Read more

Green Island

Green Island

Green Island is a small island off the coast near Cairns. Multiple companies offer excursions there. You can snorkel from the beach or just sit on it if you want. There are also walks and a place to eat. We’re following our usual practice of snorkeling from the beach first. It helps us get reacquainted … Read more



We enjoy snorkeling and knew we had to see the Great Barrier Reef while in Australia. We chose to access it via Cairns because it was convenient and fit our budget.  Day 1: Alice Springs to Cairns Most of our day was consumed with traveling from Alice Springs to Cairns. We picked up a shuttle … Read more