Our day trip to Kuranda turned out different than expected. We thought the focus would be the markets, which turned out to be a disappointment. We did find an enjoyable walk through the surrounding area. Getting there and back was part of the fun.  We took the scenic gondola ride to get there, and the … Read more

Green Island

Green Island

Green Island is a small island off the coast near Cairns. Multiple companies offer excursions there. You can snorkel from the beach or just sit on it if you want. There are also walks and a place to eat. We’re following our usual practice of snorkeling from the beach first. It helps us get reacquainted … Read more



We enjoy snorkeling and knew we had to see the Great Barrier Reef while in Australia. We chose to access it via Cairns because it was convenient and fit our budget.  Day 1: Alice Springs to Cairns Most of our day was consumed with traveling from Alice Springs to Cairns. We picked up a shuttle … Read more

Alice Springs Desert Park


The Alice Springs Desert Park is part zoo, part garden, and fun to explore. It reminded us of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson.  We saw some animals we’d already seen, plus some new ones, like dingos and larger kangaroos. Once again we could inside the kangaroo enclosure.  They did not let us inside the … Read more

Alice Springs Reptile Centre


The Alice Springs Reptile Centre has a collection of local reptiles large (a saltwater crocodile) and small. It was a perfect fit after our five-hour drive from Yulara to Alice Springs.  The photo at the top of this post is a thorny devil, one of our favorite creatures. There were pretty snakes, too.  We attended … Read more

Uluru and Kata Tjuta


Uluru was one of my must-sees in Australia, along with the outback in general. It was everything I envisioned.  It’s not easy to get to, being literally in the middle of nowhere. It was hot. It was dry. There were millions of flies. It was great.  We arrived in the afternoon and were able to … Read more

The Red Centre


Hot. Dusty. Lots of flies. Also magical, eerie, beautiful, and unique. This was a centerpiece of our Australian trip. Day 1: The Big Smoke to the Red Centre The big smoke, otherwise known as Melbourne. Our cab was late though we made it to the airport in good time. And it cost $30 Australian more … Read more

Flying Foxes in Melbourne

flying foxes

We were intrigued — and just a little freaked out — by the giant bats flying foxes near our hotel and sought them out on our last day. We didn’t have anything in particular planned for our last day in Melbourne, so we did some online research and found out where the flying foxes like … Read more

Laneways in Melbourne


Melbourne is famous for laneways: narrow pedestrian streets that have restaurants and shops and such alongside them. We had never experienced them so we explored about 10-15 of them. Some are open-air and some have roofs. The older ones date back to the 1800s. Melbourne has a lot more of them than we were able … Read more

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

sea creature

The Sea Life Aquarium has all kinds of cool underwater critters, from fish that we’ve seen snorkeling to sharks that I’m happy we haven’t seen snorkeling to rays and seahorses.  And something called a weedy water dragon, featured in this post. Boring name for an amazing creature.  They had a tunnel that you walk through … Read more