Deciding where to go in January

I’ve been wanting to blog not just about traveling, but about my travel planning. I think I’ll start with our trip for this winter, since we’re at the early stages.

We have a trip planned for January, to Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. But with a pandemic going on, who knows if we’ll be able to go? So we’re considering alternatives:

  • Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, if we can’t do our original trip but we can fly there. This is probably a long shot. We’ve been to both and enjoyed them both. Actually Hawaii might be a similar case.
  • Tucson, if we can’t leave the country but can fly. We’ve been there too and enjoy it. If we can’t get to beach level warmth, at least we can get to comfortable hiking weather.
  • Southern Texas. We’ve not been there – I’ve been to San Antonio for work – and it should be good hiking weather there too. We’ve heard good things about Big Bend. It would be a long drive but not as long as Tucson.
  • Key West would be nice but probably not affordable.

Next steps: Figuring out what we might do in each place, and what costs and weather look like, to see what’s feasible.