Day Trip to Delos and Mykonos

Delos was available as a day trip from both Naxos and Thira. We did it from Naxos because we had more time on that island. It's a nice day trip if you like ruins like we do.

We almost witnessed a ferry collision. We don’t think that orange boat was supposed to be there.

near ferry collision

Delos was as hot and dusty as I thought it would be. It’s an uninhabited island of ruins that was once a leading trade center in Greece. The ruins are impressive; in some ways more so than Athens. There are a lot of them, enough to get a feel for what the city was once like.

Below is the remains of a wall and of the lion gate.

Mykonos was much like I expected too; perhaps not as pretty. There were lots of expensive shops. It was very hot walking around killing time. We had beer at a cafe and watched a cat poop in between paving stones, then watched people going by to see if they stepped in it. A guy at the cafe was kind enough to put up more shade for us. We were glad we were only there for a couple of hours. That’s all we needed. Don’t need to hang out with kind of people who spend time on yachts like the one below. 

yacht at Mykonos
This was at Mykonos. That's a yacht.