Culebra Beaches

Flamenco beach deserves its hype. We loved it and the island is small enough that the beach didn't feel crowded at all.

Flamenco Beach

The tank on the beach is THE most photographed place on the island. Our first day there was a nice day for the beach though the water was rough. We saw two deer and a sea turtle.

On our second visit we spent the day there, me reading and Steve hanging out with the guys. We saw a couple of sea turtles and a big ugly spider that landed on Larry’s arm. 

There are restrooms, snacks, and beverages available at the beach.

Carlos Rosario

You hike to this beach from Flamenco beach. It wasn’t a bad hike even in flip-flops; we saw a deer on the way. We came here primarily to snorkel. The water was choppy but not bad. There weren’t many fish to see but we may not have been in the right area. And we may be spoiled. It was a beautiful beach anyway.

Playa Brava

It’s also a hike to get to Playa Brava. We dithered about which path to take from the end of the road. Then after walking a few feet was saw the sign cleverly hidden behind a branch. The hike to the beach was good, uphill to start then back down. At one point it split but it was easy to pick up the trail a few feet down. We saw a snake on the way. The beach was WILD. Big waves and a stump to sit on. A turtle resting area, too.

Here’s one last shot of the famous tank.