Córdoba Alcázar

There's not much to the interior. The gardens are enormous in comparison and great fun to wander.

The interior was neither large nor lavish. It was nice to see something a little more rustic to get a better feel for how the building was constructed.

It did have some nice tile mosaics on display.

Some of the building is in ruins. It’s designed to blend with the outdoors. The dome is starkly simple. 

The gardens were both large and lavish with lots of trees, flowers, pools and some amazing examples of topiary. A very pleasant place to wander for a while.

There were creative and beautiful ways to get water from one area to another.

The urns in the bottom photos are pruned.

There are two parallel long water features, with very different surrounding plantings and color schemes.

This castle is easily the best topiary we’ve seen. If you look at the bottom photo you can see it’s all pruned from a single tree. You can stand inside it.

There were a few statues. And we don’t know what kind of trees those are but they’re very knobby.