Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest dome is part of Gardens by the Bay. You need to purchase a ticket for it. It's a magical place and worth the price.

The highlight of the Cloud Forest is the manmade waterfall, which you see as soon as your enter. You can go all the way to the top of the waterfall. There’s an elevator so you don’t have to climb, and a ramp down. 

The ramp meanders across the dome, offering different views as you go. They mist the interior periodically. 

You get good views of the base of the dome, the gardens outside, and the city beyond. 

Cool art is scattered throughout the dome. 

And there are of course flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. More than we saw in an actual cloud forest

There’s also lots of foliage in different colors, sizes, and textures. 

Rocks and crystals are also used. 

Some of the flowers are not natural, and still beautiful. It gives me ideas for our gardens. 

white manmade flowers

The Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome are essentially in the same building at Gardens by the Bay but with two different tickets. It makes sense to visit them both at the same time.