Chisos Basin Loop Hike

This loop hike has similar scenery to the Window trail and is not as difficult.

We clocked this trail at 2.4 miles. Starting from the visitor center, there’s a .6 mile spur trail to the start of the loop, then 1.3 miles for the loop itself.

The loop slopes uphill in each direction. Going clockwise there are stairs; going counterclockwise a slope.

Other more difficult trails lead off the loop trail up the mountain slopes. Everything is well-marked so there’s little risk of ending up on the wrong trail. The trail is rocky and narrow.

The scenery is similar to the Window Trail without the unrelenting uphill return of that trail. (And without the window.) There are good views of surrounding peaks.

We then did the Window View loop, a super easy paved walk, also with good scenery. We saw a woodpecker on that walk.