Cheboygan State Park Hiking

One reason we camped at this park was that we heard it has good hiking options, and we did enjoy our hike here.

We took the Red trail from the campground over to the lake, then did the loop counterclockwise, starting on the Blue trail, then the Green (along the beach), the Black, and then connecting back to the Blue trail and then the Red. We saw a few other people and dogs, one kayaker, and some people staying in the cabins along the shore. Also squirrels, both black and red, lots of frogs near small ponds along the beach, and a heron. And several blue jays making weird noises. It was probably about a six-mile hike altogether. None of it was terribly difficult, though the Black trail was sandy from the lighthouse ruins out to the tip. If we did it again I would skip that part.

Back at camp we went over to the boat launch to watch the sunset, and took some good photos, which you can see here.