Chain of Craters Road

The Chain of Craters Road exceeded our expectations, and we have high expectations for scenic drives in national parks!

The first part of the drive goes through desolate lava fields.

As we got closer to the coast we started to see more plants among the lava.

We then descended the pali, or cliffs, and could see old lava flows and a random patch of green on the shore.

We were continuously fascinated by the different lava flows and textures. (Some of them reminded me of brownies — maybe that’s why we had brownies for dessert at lunch!)

At the coast, we saw sea cliffs and in the distance the lava flow we hiked out to view the night before.

There’s an amazing sea arch on the coast too. 

On the way back we stopped at a pull-out where there was a wall of gorgeous volcanic glass. We left it there for others to see, though I was very tempted!

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the lava stops and the road begins.

And to close here’s one of the craters along the road.