Canyon Overlook Hike

The Canyon Overlook trail is technical rather than strenuous. You don't have to work too hard for the views at the end. Our enjoyment was cut short by an approaching storm.

It was nice and clear when we started, then was clouding up by the time we got to the overlook. One thing about hiking in the mountains: you can’t always see the weather coming from.

The Canyon Overlook trail is not paved like Angel’s Landing or the Riverside Walk, but it is still a well-maintained trail.

The trail becomes more technical as you ascend.

The views at the top were stunning. We didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy them because of those clouds rolling in. We pretty much RAN back down the trail. Much of the trail was pretty exposed and they call it slickrock for a reason.

About 10 seconds after we jumped in the car we got hit not just with torrential rain but with hail.