Canoe Safari

The Canoe Safari on the Sok River was a relaxing way to take in the scenery.

Our second activity at Elephant Hills was a canoe safari on the Sok River. It was another short bus ride to the put in point. We were in inflatable canoes with a local guide paddling. Sitting in the canoe was uncomfortable: my legs cramped up, Steve’s back didn’t appreciate it. But our paddler had it worse since the river was shallow in spots and he had to hop out and push. 

Our group was not alone on the river. We saw rafts being poled downstream, then towed back up with a longtail boat motor on a raft. It reminded us of a kayak trip we did on Kauai

We saw a few monkeys along the way.

Also a pretty green snake, which thankfully was not as close as it looks in this zoomed in photo. 

The scenery along the way was beautiful and it was a relaxing way to see it.