Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive

There are two main roads in Bryce Canyon National Park, each with a number of scenic overlooks and trailheads. We drove them both!

It rained more or less constantly the whole afternoon. We had to decide at each stop whether we needed the umbrella, which camera to take — the smaller one or the weather-resistant DSLR — and it was chilly too. I wore my fleece. 

There are a number of scenic overviews and we lost track of which gorgeous photos were taken where! I’ve tried to backtrack and label them but honestly, just stop at all the overlooks!

Below is Natural Bridge and another cliff with a smaller hole in it.

This was our first real look at colorful hoo-doos.

You can see the ridge eroding away into hoo-doos below. 

This is Bryce Point.

We saw a rainbow at Bryce Point. Not at Rainbow Point.

The first photo is Yovimpa Point, followed by a spontaneous waterfall and … garden gnomes?

Inspiration Point.