Botanic Gardens

We debated between Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Botanic Gardens and decided why not both? The Botanic Gardens were calm and free.

Comments we read online seemed to agree that the Botanic Gardens were a place to visit repeatedly while Gardens by the Bay was more of a tourist attraction to visit once. We saw only a small section of the Botanic Gardens on a loop at the north end of the park from the Botanic Gardens MRT station. 

We started with the trellis garden, where we saw colorful chickens. 

We saw the bougainvillea garden and the herb garden.  And a mower bot. Sadly there wasn’t a lot of bougainvilla blooming.  

Looping around the lake we saw our first black swan. 

The lake and surrounding wetlands were quietly beautiful. 

Here are some of the interesting flowers we saw. 

And some of the trees, including cypress knees. We saw these closer to home on the Natchez Trace

We got a good look at red dragonflies among some papyrus. 

A walkway went to and around part of the lake. 

The gates to the garden. If you look closely you can read them. There are other entrances. We’d thought about walking through the park and exiting near the Napier MRT station but we were too hot and tired.