Bocawina Walks

There are several trails on the grounds of the Bocawina resort and in the surrounding national park. You can tackle them on your own or with a guide. 

We did the Antelope Falls hike to the base of the falls with Roberto who shared information on local plants and how they are traditionally used in Belize, as well as information about his own life in Belize. He also pointed out several different birds and introduced us to an app called Merlin that helps identify birds. We tasted hog plum leaves and the nut of the cohune palm. He would have shared termites I’m sure but we would have declined. The falls were beautiful and the hike pleasant and not too strenuous. We stopped before the difficult part!

Then we hiked to lower Bocawina Falls on our own, which are also very scenic. Shorter and wider than the tall and skinny Antelope Falls. We saw a crocodile on the way to Bocawina Falls, thankfully on the opposite side of the river. That hike to was pretty easy, being mostly flat.

Our second guided activity was birdwatching starting at 6:30 am. It was overcast so not great weather for it, though we did see trogons, parrots, a motmot, toucans, woodpeckers, including chestnut and lineated woodpeckers, euphonias, a summer tanager, a hooded scarlet tanager, a yellow winged tanager, a Lousiana thrush(?) a kingbird, pigeons, seedeaters, and gnatcatchers. A jungle fig by the Antelope Fall and Bird Loop trailheads is the spot for birds.